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Unfortunately, hospital patients are among the most vulnerable to crime. That’s why hospitals across the country are now using our Visitor Pass Solutions as an added security measure. Our range of products can prevent visitors from re-using their passes, decrease theft, and help prevent forgery. The visitor log-book saves desk workers’ time, and is portable in case of a fire or other emergency.

Hospitals and medical clinics have also successfully used our Visitor Pass Solutions to stop the spread of diseases, including H1N1. Disposable badges mean germs won’t be passed from visitor to visitor, and staff can easily track those who may have come into contact with infected patients.

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Here are our Most Popular designs for Hospitals.  Click the image or Buy Now to purchase.

   Visitor Badge Style 783                   Visitor Badge Style 808
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      Direct Thermal 3               Visitor Badge Style 752
   Direct Thermal 3" TAB-Expiring - Buy Now                            Style 752 - Buy Now


NEW Fluorescent Colors available for select visitor badge styles


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