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eVisitorPass Equipment

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Users of eVisitorPass Software may wish to use these optional system components.
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Visitor Badges and Badge Accessories - learn more.
One Day Visitor Badge, TAB-Expiring Direct Thermal Visitor Badges


C930 Camera and Desktop Camera Stand

eVisitorPass camera and stand

Take a current photo of your visitors. Elegant stand sits on desk and securely holds the eVisitorPass camera up at head level for better photography. Adjusts from 28.5" to 34.5" high. 6" base. 
SKU: 100364
Price: $250*
*There is an additional annual fee of $150 for this product starting in year 2 of use.    


Turbo Driver's License Reader
3 seconds to sign in, 5 seconds to sign out (7 times faster than other readers)

eVisitorPass Turbo Driver's License Reader      Driver's license example    Direct thermal visitor badge example
                                                   Multi-Reader can read driver's licenses and visitor badges

  • Reads driver's licenses that have a barcode on the back
  • Also scans badges at sign-out (at almost any angle for ease of use)
  • Does not capture the photo from the license, but:
    • You can use a camera (above) to photograph your visitor.
    • The stored photo will synchronize with the visitor's driver's license the next time he or she visits again.
  • No drivers to install. Uses standard drivers that the Windows operating system installs.

SKU: 100540
Price: $1,100*
*There is an additional annual fee of $150 for this product starting in year 2 of use.


Photo Driver's License Reader
15 seconds from scan to screen

eVisitorPass Premium Photo Driver's License Reader

  • Reads driver's licenses, whether or not they have a barcode on the back
  • Captures the photo from the license
  • Driver's license number is irreversibly encrypted

SKU: 100496
Price: $1,490*
* There is an additional annual fee of $150 for this product starting in year 2 of use.


Sign-Out Scanner with hands free adjustable stand

eVisitorPass Sign-Out Scanner

Sign visitors out faster by scanning their visitor pass. Click the "scan out visitor" button. Then simply wave the badge under the scanner to complete the sign-out process.
SKU: 100397
Price: $69


DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo Printer

eVisitorPass Dymo Turbo 450 Printer

Prints visitor passes in 4-6 seconds. No ink or toner to buy.
SKU: 100353
Price: $163
(included with the Basic Package, Camera Package, or Turbo Package)


Zebra ZD410 printer

Zebra ZD410 printer

High performance printer is an optional upgrade to the DYMO printer above. Simpler to clean and maintain. Prints visitor passes in 4-6 seconds. No ink or toner to buy. Holds up to 500 badges. Direct thermal Printing, 2" Print width, 300 dpi, USB/Ethernet/Bluetooth LE Interfaces. Optional Ethernet port.

SKU: 100667
Price: $495


Custom Badge Tags

Custom Badge Tags
The badge holders are beautifully custom-printed front and back. Sturdy card stock with an easy-peel coating allows used badges to be removed and the tag reused.
Price: $132 per 200


Link to search of National Sex Offender Database - Learn More

eVisitorPass Predator Screening Database

This service requires the use of one of our Driver's License Readers (2 shown above). Driver's License Readers have an annual fee of $100 for using the product starting in year 2 of use.
Price: $100 per 10,000 lookups


USB 3.0 Hub
eVisitorPass USB 3.0 Hub

4-port USB hub to connect your equipment using only 1 USB port on your computer. 
SKU: 100386
Price: $30


Printer Cleaning Cards

eVisitorPass Direct Thermal Printer Cleaning Cards

  • For DYMO LabelWriter 
  • Cleans print heads to improve quality and extend printer life.
  • Recommended use on printer: once a month or every 1,000 labels, whichever comes first.
  • 10 cards per pack. Each card is meant as a single use.

SKU: 100529
Price: $22