Visitor Pass Solutions
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Compatible Direct Thermal Printers

Direct Thermal Visitor Passes are compatible with most direct thermal printers that can print to a 2" label. 

Our customers have used Visitor Pass Solutions with the following direct thermal printers...

Manufacturer                             Model
DYMO                                        450 Turbo

DYMO                                             450

DYMO                                             400

DYMO                                             330

Zebra                                         TLP 3842

Zebra                                     GX430t (300 dpi)

Zebra                                           LP 2824*

Toshiba                                         B-EV4

Seiko                                           SLP 430

Seiko                                           SLP 440

Seiko                                           SLP 450

Brother                                          QL700

Brother                                        QL710W

Brother                                       QL720NW

*For 3" Direct Thermal Badges only


Our 4” badges are the same size as “DYMO Shipping Label #30256”.  If that is not available in your settings, try a “Custom Badge Size” of 4.0” X 2.3125”. 

Our 3” badges are very close the same size as “DYMO Name Badge #30324” or “DYMO Diskette Label #30258”.  If neither of those are available in your settings, try a “Custom Badge Size” of 2.75” x 1.9”.

We recommend you request free samples to test on your printer.

Our Direct Thermal Visitor Passes will not work with European DYMO printers due to the printer’s proprietary labels. You can identify a European DYMO printer by the black stripes on the back of the unprinted labels.