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How do your badges “expire”?”

A color change reaction is activated when the red ink makes contact with the adhesive.

Can the color change reaction be stopped?”

No, once activated the color change cannot be stopped.

Is the red ink hazardous if touched?”

No, the ink is a variation on inks commonly used in clothing and printing processes.

When do your expiring badges change color?”

Our expiring visitor passes are designed to be worn on a body for 1-3 hours in a climate-controlled environment (~68 deg F, 20 deg C), and then removed. Under these conditions, our badges will be white the first day, and the red VOID will appear overnight. NOTE: If the badge is activated and worn for 4-6 hours, it will typically expire after 8 hours. NOTE: If the badge is activated and not worn for the 1-3 hours, it will typically barely expire overnight. It is designed to have some body heat. We recommend you test the usage in your environment to ensure compatibility.

Do you offer badges with expiration timings besides one day?”

No, we only offer 1-day expiration.

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