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We write articles mainly about visitor management, which helps you to know who is (or has been) in your facility. It is just part of an organization’s physical security processes that protect people and property within and around a building or campus.


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Get to know eVisitorPass Visitor Management Software

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 by Paul Kazlauskas

Placeholder eVisitorPass is our proprietary electronic visitor management system that makes it easy for all types of facilities (schools, businesses, healthcare facilities, government agencies, and more) to log, identify, track, and run reports on various types of visitors. The eVisitorPass visitor management software computer template prints professional adhesive visitor badges, customized with your facility name and/or logo. The visitor management software lets you design visitor I.D.’s for ...

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Tardy Slips -- the perfect tool Schools use to document late students

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 by Paul Kazlauskas

PlaceholderTardy students are a major problem for schools across the country. Some teachers report that the first four to eight minutes of class is almost a waste of time as students straggle in. Not only do students lose valuable educational instruction when they arrive late, but they disrupt the educational environment and distract others who are in the class. In addition, when late students are unsupervised in hallways and restrooms, there is ample opportunity for misconduct. We make Tardy Slips ...

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"Bring Your Own Device" is a data nightmare for Healthcare Facilities

Friday, July 14, 2017 by Paul Kazlauskas

Placeholder The healthcare industry has experienced more data breaches than any other industry segment of the last five years. The reasons are mainly two-fold, and both are only rising in significance. First, private health information is some of the most valuable personal data there is on the black market (50 times more valuable than credit card info). A patient’s healthcare record is complete and total. There aren’t any missing pieces of information or the need for hackers to go ...

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The Confidential Visitor Sign-In Book - everything you've wanted to know

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 by Paul Kazlauskas

PlaceholderOur product line, Visitor Pass Solutions, mostly comprises adhesive visitor badges for documenting visitor traffic in schools, businesses, hospitals, and government agencies. The adhesive visitor passes can be printed from an electronic visitor management system or filled out in a registry book for manual sign-in. Some types of visitor passes even change color overnight to prevent reuse the next day. One of the most common questions we are asked is “Do you offer a visitor sign-in book ...

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Direct thermal visitor badges - everything you've wanted to know

Thursday, June 1, 2017 by Paul Kazlauskas

Placeholder        Can your direct thermal visitor badges change color to show they have expired?For years we have described these time-expiring visitor labels as having the capacity to “change color overnight.” In other words, they may be “valid today,” but they will be “void tomorrow.” The word “void,” literally, is what appears on our expiring badges over time to signal that they should no longer be considered legitimate forms of ...

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