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We write articles mainly about visitor management, which helps you to know who is (or has been) in your facility. It is just part of an organization’s physical security processes that protect people and property within and around a building or campus.



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Why summer is the perfect time for schools to upgrade their visitor management system

by Paul Kazlauskas

summer is perfect for schools to upgrade their visitor management system

School is almost over for the year, and summer is right around the corner! Kids are excited for their summer vacation, ready to enjoy warmer weather and their break from having to wake up early for class. School administrators will soon have their new school year budgets released and will begin preparation for next school year. The summer months are the perfect time to upgrade your school’s visitor management system. Here are some reasons why:

Avoid distracting students and staff
While classes are in session, the education process is the most important thing happening in the building. Teachers are there to instruct and student are there to learn. Before selecting a new visitor management system, you may have vendors come into the building to pitch their products and give full demonstrations. In addition, implementing a new visitor management system during the school year could be a distraction as the new tools and policy represent a change in process.

The new system and policy may even require some minor construction if the building has to be changed in any way (e.g. changes to doors and/or process for ways to enter the school). Students who see security upgrades happening while they are in the building may start to question their sense of safety, which is another distraction to learning. There is no need to make anyone uncomfortable or distracted, so it’s best to do the visitor management system upgrade over the summer.

Upgrades can be implemented more rapidly
Without the presence of students and staff, any new visitor management system can be implemented more quickly than during the regular school year. The absence of the usual foot traffic means there wouldn’t be any interruptions while implementing new software and equipment that may take a little instruction for how to use it best. The job will be completed faster, leading to instruction and system testing in a timely fashion.

Testing the new system is safer in the summer
In the summer months, there aren’t many people in the school building. This allows you to test the new tools and process in a controlled environment with less liability. You essentially have the ability to do test runs without real stakes involved. If something goes wrong during tests in the summer months, far fewer people would be impacted than if school were in session. This allows you to really tighten your process and get comfortable with your new security tools.

Communicate new improvements as the new school year starts fresh
A new school year brings changes all around. Many schools release their new budgets on July 1 or August 1. Summer provides administrators the perfect time to make changes and plan for the new school year. You can unveil and communicate the details of your new visitor management system as a new security upgrade for the new school year. In addition, by delaying the purchase of the new visitor management system till the summer using next year’s school budget, it also allows the school to use any excess money remaining from the previous budget on immediate needs to complete the existing school year.

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Posted on 5/29/2018



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