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We write articles mainly about visitor management, which helps you to know who is (or has been) in your facility. It is just part of an organization’s physical security processes that protect people and property within and around a building or campus.


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Everything you've always wanted to know about the Visitor Pass Registry Book

by Paul Kazlauskas

Visitor Pass Registry Book, visitor management, security

The Visitor Pass Registry Book is a visitor badge product that performs two jobs at once. As visitors register and sign in, the system creates a self-adhesive visitor badge and log at the same time. The visitor wears the I.D. badge, which tells everyone that they have signed in already. The visitor log serves as a permanent record of everyone who has signed in at your facility.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Visitor Pass Registry Book:

What are the benefits of the Visitor Pass Registry Book?

  • Identification – Adhesive badge provides a visual alert.
  • Tracking – Duplicate log created automatically.
  • Customization – Your facility name and logo deters forgery.
  • Confidentiality – Sealed right edges of the label liner and duplicate log prevent snooping.
  • Portability – The book can be grabbed in case of an emergency evacuation.
  • Color-coding – Visitor badges can be color-coded by the type of visitor or day of the week.
  • Time-expiring technology (optional) – Some styles of visitor badges change color overnight to prevent reuse. See the question “What kinds of visitor passes can I get in the Visitor Pass Registry Book”, below, to learn more

How does the duplicate copy work?
When a visitor signs in on a visitor badge, the pressure from the pen signing in makes an impression on our specially treated duplicate record. This duplicate serves as an audit trail of everyone who has signed in at your facility.

Are your books confidential?
Yes. When the visitor signs in and removes the adhesive visitor badge, there is a label liner left behind. That label backing doesn’t take on ink and provides a shield to protect the confidentiality of the duplicate record. In addition, the label liner sheet and duplicate log are glued on the right side, so the duplicate can’t merely be looked at without separating the two sheets.

How do I find the duplicate log?    
The label liner and duplicate record are attached along their right edges. Once separated, the duplicate log can be seen.

What kinds of visitor passes can I get in the Visitor Pass Registry Book?

  • Standard Visitor Badges with a colored border or colored background. There are numerous different sizes to choose from. Learn More
  • Time-Expiring Visitor Badges – badges change color overnight to prevent reuse.
    • TAB-Expiring Badges are the easiest to activate because they are one piece. Folding the attached tab behind the badge makes “VOID” show the next day. Learn More 
    • FULL-Expiring Badges have the maximum visibility. The entire visitor pass changes color and can be seen easily from a distance. Learn More 
    • DOT-Expiring Badges are the most economical time-expiring visitor badges. They are activated by applying a front piece “dot” over the red circle. Learn More 

What are the exact sizes of your visitor passes?
Sizes are listed within each category of visitor badge. Check out our categories of Books

Can I have my logo AND my organization name imprinted?
Yes, if there's enough room, we can imprint a logo and/or your organization's name, in black, for no additional charge. If you’d like a color imprint and/or logo, it will only cost an extra $10 per book.

Can I have something other than "Visitor" on my badges?
(example: Vendor or Contractor)

For "custom-printed" Visitor Passes, yes, you may have them printed with whatever title you want. For preprinted "stock" badges, the styles are available only as shown (typically "Visitor", with a few other alternative titles).

What makes some visitor passes "stock"?
It's a budget-friendly edition of our Visitor Pass. It's the same great system, giving you a visitor badge and a sign-in log in one writing. The difference is it's not custom printed. We don't have to specially print your name on it, so we don't charge as much.

How many visitor passes come in a book?
The Visitor Pass Registry Books come in various quantities of badges. The most popular book contains 500 badges. However, certain styles can be purchased in book quantities of 150 badges through 675 badges. Please refer to our website to learn more

Will the adhesive badge hurt clothing?
Our Visitor Passes use a specially engineered fabric-friendly adhesive for proper adhesion to clothing. In most cases, our visitor badges may be worn without damaging clothing. We recommend our badges not be worn on silk, suede, or leather. You may order reusable badge tags, which may be worn with a clip or a lanyard, to offer your visitors who are wearing delicate clothing.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about the Visitor Pass Registry Book and get free samples. 

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Posted on 5/12/2017



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