Visitor Pass Solutions

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Intro Video 
  Intro video on Visitor Pass Solutions. Come learn about our adhesive badges with a duplicate copy (and optional expiring technology) for identifying and documenting visitor traffic in your facility. (1 min. 14 sec.)
DMI Visitor Pass Video (Extended Cut) 
  The Visitor Pass System is used to help identify strangers and keep track of visitors in your facility. As visitors sign in, the Visitor Pass System creates a self-adhesive badge and an identical visitor log at the same time. (4 min. 51 sec.)
Registry Book Video 
  The Registry Book means your visitor passes come in a wire bound book of 50 sheets. The back cover slides behind the visitor pass set you are currently using to prevent the impression from bleeding through to lower sheets. (1 min. 41 sec.)
TAB-Expiring Visitor Pass Video 
  TAB-Expiring Visitor Pass is the easiest pass to activate because the pass comes in 1 piece. Available in Manual or Direct Thermal versions. These passes are tamper-proof and secure with a pink "VOID" showing by the next day. (1 min. 30 sec.)
FULL-Expiring Visitor Pass Video 
  FULL-Expiring Visitor Passes expire gradually, revealing a pink color change to indicate the visitor's stay is complete. The pass is available in Manual or Direct Thermal versions. The passes' change of color is highly visible from a distance. (1 min. 43 sec.)
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