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Products - Expiring Badges

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How do your badges "expire"?”

A color change reaction is activated when the red ink makes contact with the adhesive.

Can the color change reaction be stopped?”

No, once activated the color change cannot be stopped.

Is the red ink hazardous if touched?”

No, the ink is a variation on inks commonly used in clothing and printing processes.

When do your expiring badges change color?”

Our use of the term "overnight" has led some people to conclude that these visitor labels, when activated, will change in exactly 24 hours' time. In other words, the visitor pass is still valid at Hour 23, but, at Hour 24, it instantly becomes void, like turning on a light. In actuality, our color-changing process is more gradual than that.

How expiring works - to activate our expiring badges, a second layer of material, with a specially treated surface, is pressed to the back of the visitor label. Red ink from this second layer seeps through the label from behind until it becomes visible on the front. Security you can see helps with visitor identification.

What affects the timing - this color-changing process is both time- and temperature-sensitive. We have engineered the badges to remain valid for most of a business day at room temperature. In addition to climate, the timing of the expiration is affected by body heat as well. A visitor label worn on a t-shirt close to the skin in a hot factory will change more quickly than a visitor label worn on a suit coat in an air-conditioned office. On average, you will start to notice a very pale "void" image after four to six hours or so (well after the duration of an average visit), with the intensity of the color increasing slowly.

We recommend you test the usage in your environment to ensure compatibility.

Do you offer badges with expiration timings besides one day?”

No, we only offer 1-day expiration.

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